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Yet another mod post!

I think we've officially died, you lot. Well. From what I've seen. I haven't been a very good mod either and that's no good.

Well, I'm not sure what I should say other than that. I'll talk to the head-mod here about this here roleplay and we'll see what we can do. >:

Mod post again.

That New Years party ... certainly did not go well, and I take full responsibility for it since I was attempting to host it. I hope all of you can forgive me and let's try to get something accomplished here.

Firstly, we need more activity here!! If I do say so myself, this place has wound up a tad bit on the boring side and it does need a little bit of spicing up. We still want some suggestions for events, so please do not hesitate to do so!

The other mods and I will also start hosting events very soon, so please bear with us. . . if it's possible at this point.

Once again, my apologies.
Due to some boredom and perhaps lack of interaction, not many people in the community have been roleplaying with each other--and as a roleplay community, we find this a little bit disheartening and not how it should be!

So in order to make things more bouncy and exciting, the three mods here have decided together to start making events. Each event will be posted here on the community, so keep checking in for new events. Also, it would be delightful if everyone could follow Spain-mun's lead and whenever you've finished a log or even have a log in progress--just post it up on the community for others to enjoy reading as well!!

Alright, and to the main bit of this post:

Our first event will take place this Thursday-Friday and if your logs keep going, even onward! Have a guess? Yes, we are having a NEW YEARS PARTY. This party will over MSN chat, of course, and is highly recommended but not necessarily required as a lot of people have busy lives.

How should this work? Well of course we'll have our main group chat, but we'd love to see a few individual logs from all of you posting together about various events happening in the party. For example; instead of being purely in the chat, why not start IMing other folks and roleplay in paragraphs their introductions, their party games, all sorts of things. It would be great fun.

Of course-- this has only  been deciding recently and there are still a hell lot of decisions to be made, so I would love it if all of you could post whether or not you can come, your reasons if not, and any suggestions you would like to make. This is meant to be fun for you all, so by all means have a blast!!!

(Also suggestions for any other events may be said here as well--every event will be considered, none will be rejected)

You Are My Sunshine [Part Two]

Title: You Are My Sunshine
Couple/Pairing: Prussia/Spain [Marzi and Tama]
Plot: Hetalia Gakuen AU. High School. Antonio leads a secret double life, and Gilbert finds out about it.
Rating: R-NC17 for mature themes and eventual sex.
Notes: This is part one of...Idk how many ono;; Enjoy reading~

I've got sunshine on a rainy day.Collapse )

You Are My Sunshine [Part One]

Title: You Are My Sunshine
Couple/Pairing: Prussia/Spain [Marzi and Tama]
Plot: Hetalia Gakuen AU. High School. Antonio leads a secret double life, and Gilbert finds out about it.
Rating: R-NC17 for mature themes and eventual sex.
Notes: This is part one of...Idk how many ono;; Enjoy reading~

Please don't take my sunshine away.Collapse )

La Bella y La Bestia [Part One]

Title: La Bella y La Bestia [The Beauty and the Beast]
Couple/Pairing: Prussia/Spain [Marzi and Tama]
Plot: A little twist on 'Beauty and the Beast'. Antonio goes searching for his Papa in a blizzard, only to find himself in a bit of trouble.
Rating: PG-PG13 for language.
Notes: This is part one of...Idk how many ono;; Enjoy reading~

You can't change the past, but you can make a new future.Collapse )


Here's where you apply. Fill out the simple application form and post it here in a comment. Your application will be checked shortly!

After you are accepted, please create an MSN messenger account for your character.

<b>Birthday:</b>: (so we can wish you a happy birthday!)
<b>Character Requested:</b>
<b>Character Personality:</b> (describe in somewhat detailed paragraphs what your character acts like, what they do, who they are.)
<b>First person sample:</b> (speak to us as your character would speak. write this sample as if you are writing a blog. length does not matter so long as you show your skill!)
<b>Third person sample:</b> (at least three paragraphs. write a scene about your character or something along the lines of that. show us that you have some writing skill.)
<b>Favourite pairings?:</b> (just for fun and maybe events later on and roleplaying)

1. As in most communities, NO GOD-MODDING. As much as you like someone else's character, you can not in any circumstance control them! They have their own roleplayer for a reason, so please play as your own and stick with it.

2. Don't be a drama llama. Sometimes life sucks and sometimes it's upsetting, but that's when you take a break and consult your friends--don't bring the drama into the roleplay, make sure your issues stay out of character. Just because you're pissed doesn't mean you're going to make Northern Italy start a war.

3. Please be somewhat literate--this is a paragraph roleplaying community and people do prefer it if they can understand what the other is talking about.

4. Don't be haters and start shouting and bickering with each other just because one character doesn't like the other. If someone's character hates yours, it doesn't necessarily mean they hate you!! Also, don't get angry because someone's being in character--if you don't like how they're behaving, either suck it up or consult it with them privately. As said in rule 2, leave the drama ooc.

5. Try your best to be in character. This should be no problem, however, if your application was accepted-- you shouldn't have any troubles!

6. Please be active, if you do not post or show some sign of life within 3 weeks of acceptance or any other amount of time, your character will be dropped. Should you need a break, post a hiatus and tell us all you will be gone for that amount of time.


Character List

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Edit: Since it's the holidays, everyone who is currently reserving will get an extension of one week. If you need longer than that for any reason, please let me know!


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